host a royal highness edibles party!

Royal Highness edibles party

with legislation looming, many markets and minds are opening up to cannabis. There are many studies showing how many canadians already use, or intend to try cannabis. At Royal Highness we believe all canadians should have free access to cannabis be it recreational or medical..

where do I even start!?

That's where we come in! Many people are interested in trying infused edibles , but just do not know where to find them. Or they do not feel comfortable walking into a dispensary or ordering online.

We understand, and we want to make it easy, and comfortable for you to experience edibles in the comfort of your home


host a royal highness party! 

This is not your Grandmas tupperware party! Contact us to set up a time and make other arrangements to customize your function so it is a perfect fit for you and your guests. Whether you are a seasoned edible consumer or new to the whole thing, we can accomodate your needs

its easy!

invite your friends over for a night of treats and education. We will do a short presentations on the history of our companies and cover the basics ( or more) of the benefits of edibles, dosages, the difference between thc and cbd, and more. We can also help to recommend what might work best for you or your guests. And of course, we will supply a range of samples for your to enjoy and compare

We won't overstay our welcome! We know you want to hang with your friends and laugh the night away. We will leave you with a Thank You gift for hosting and sharing the love,  and offer you and your guests 20% off your first order!

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