Canna Cooking Class

royal highness toronto is known for first-rate products using organic free trade ingredients sourcing cocoa and coffee from single farms deep within Costa Rica rain forest.  Our Chef is a  Red Seal Executive Pastry Chef who has worked in the best restaurants in Toronto and will be guiding the class on culinary techniques such as decarboxylation, infusion and how to make cannabis calculations when cooking

We start out with introductions and determine the level of education of the class.The first half of the class we go through our specialized technique for making butters and oils. We discuss the various uses for each product, strengths and dosages,


the second half of the class is all about chocolate and its pairing with Cannabis.

we have a mini chocolate workshop and discuss all the differences and hints and tips on working with chocolate.

 the final and most delicious part of the class we will make Cannabis infused truffles. We offer this as a demo, or for more fun we encourage our guests to get covered in chocolate and roll some truffles!